August 30, 2011

Silver Ray Ltd. is one of the few recruitment companies in Kenya that is truly able to boast that it operates on an International scale.  

Our company is based in Nairobi, Kenya.  Silver Ray Ltd. started operations in 1999 as a recruiting company legally registered by the Registrar of Companies in Kenya. Silver Ray Ltd. has a Kenya government Accreditation Certificate from the Ministry of Labour to engage in exportation of  Labour.

In 2007 Silver Ray Ltd sister company by same name was registered in Southern Sudan.
We are members of Kenya Association of Private Employment Agencies an  umbrella body for all genuine recruitment agencies in Kenya. The Association works hand in hand with the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources Development   to assist the Government get Employment opportunities for Kenyan Nationals Overseas and to  all regulate recruitment agencies



To address the Recruitment needs of market sectors for both private companies, and Governments worldwide.
We strive to ensure that all our services are efficient and customer friendly, a strategy that ensures the customer to do profitable business with us to their convenience and satisfaction




Meet the growing Manpower needs of Employment Industry by providing it with our Competent and Skilled work force.